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Battle Blades blends traditional sword combat and martial arts with current technology, offering you an experience fit for the big screen. 


Our qualified instructors will take you on a journey, helping you to develop your physical strength and mental discipline.

The Battle Blades syllabus encompasses HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts), Fencing, Japanese and Chinese sword arts. 

We train using state of the art LED Sabres or highly realistic training swords, offering students both diversity and structure.


Our training will increase your fitness, flexibility, mindfulness, balance and coordination. 

Your physical strength will also improve, along with your mental discipline, as you train in a fun and friendly environment, regardless of whether you favour the historical or fantasy science fiction path.


Battle Blades offers the chance to compete within LED Sabre Open Tournaments (LSOT). 

We also provide opportunities to perform exciting displays at national events, such as Comicons, film premieres and festivals. 

Alternatively, you may simply choose to train as part of the Battle Blades family. 

Our modular syllabus takes you on a journey of your choosing.

We are the future of Historic Sword Combat









Friendship / FUN!



 Spheres of Combat


Meet The Team & Associates

John Keeley

(Founder & Chief Instructor)

John is an ex Police Firearms, Counter Terrorism and Close Protection Officer & Police Trainer. 

John has over 45 years of Martial Arts experience, including teaching Judo, Aikido, Ju-Jitsu and Krav Maga.  He has taught Police and Military units all over the world, has worked in hostile environments and has provided protection to Royals, Diplomats, Sports and Film Stars.


John has professional Teaching and Physical Training Qualifications and brings a high level of realism to Battle Blades.  He is looking forward to taking Battle Blades' students on a journey of historical and mythical sword work. 

Nick Smith

(Associate &  Student)

AKA Battle Blades' ARMOURER!

Nick is the founder of Midnight Sabers.

He supplies & repairs LED Sabres and designs bespoke & custom LED Sabres for students, collectors & enthusiasts.

Nick Musson


Nick is founder & chief instructor of The Free Fighters Guild.

He is one of the UK's foremost sword experts.

Nick is the genius mind behind the Geometry of Combat.

Our Battleblades students do advance sword training/workshops with Nick.

Mark Gilbert

Riddle Of Steel


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